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You only learn from experience. This is common knowledge among most audio professionals. While theoretical approaches have their benefits in providing a deeper understanding of how sound behaves, how microphones work or need to be set up and what requirements the equipment has to fulfil, practical work experience is what truly builds know-how – and will sometimes result in entirely new findings. From practical applications spring new needs no one thought of in the lab. Why should a lavalier microphone be waterproof? Why would you change the capsule on a headset? And who would think of an integral helmet in acoustic research?

And yet exactly these special cases lead to particularly exciting technical advancements.

When audio professionals explain their requests and challenges to the Voice Technologies development team, the Swiss manufacturer strives to find the ideal solution. Sometimes, such cooperation for specific projects or individual pieces results in a new series of products for the benefit of a wider audience.

Successful products that resulted from customer requests:

vt500 water5When working with water in theatre performances, musicals or in broadcast, delicate technical devices like microphones need to be used most carefully. By applying a special treatment to the injection-moulded parts it is possible to waterproof the microphones to the point when they can even endure temporary submersion without taking damage. The popular VT500 lavalier microphone, for example, is also available as IPX-7 certified models VT500WATER or VT500WA. The VT500X provides even more protection against water and is IPX-8 certified. The waterproof designs proof advantageous even when no larger amounts of water are included in the production, as they also protect the electronics from sweat!

VTswitch 2In theatre applications, make-up and costumes pose an entirely different challenge. Microphones need to be integrated most unobtrusively into the stage outfits and will often be incorporated into the make-up process. In stressful and hectic situations it may happen that the make-up artists or the actors themselves accidentally get make-up into the microphone, clogging it and compromising its sound or even damaging it. In more elaborate costume designs, changing the headset is often not possible, leaving only the emergency microphones with often less-than-ideal sound. Voice Technologies has taken inspiration from this challenge and built the VT Switch that allows for changing the capsule with a simple screw mechanism. So instead of replacing the whole headset, only the tip needs to be changed to restore the microphone to its full functionality. A very useful side effect of this feature is the possibility to switch the microphones polar pattern by employing different types of capsules in order to adjust the microphone to the situation at hand.

We look forward to your suggestions and ideas!

If you, in your work as an audio professional, happen upon a problem that requires a specialised microphone solution, do not hesitate and get in touch with us. Perhaps we can come up with a solution together that does not only aid you in your situation but will also provide other audio professionals with the means to achieve even better results.


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