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Classic Audio
(Beijing ClassicAudio audio technology co., LTD )
   NO.1 West RD North 3
   Ring HaiDian Dist
   Wechat :classicaudio
   Tel. +86 (010) 84642029

Beijing Dingrund Tongda Digital Tech Co., Ltd.

   Room 3103, No. 5 Bldg, City One
   No. 48 Wangjing West Road
   ChaoYang Qu
   Tel. +86 (010) 84278611
Electro Dynamics
   E-251 East of Kailash
     New Delhi 11 065, India
   Tel. +91 (0) 11 4162 20 14
      Fax +91 (0) 11 4051 45 34
MTC Ltd.
   MTC Building
     3-3-15 Minami Aoyama,
     Tokyo 107-0062/JAPAN
   +81 (0) 3 5413 46 11
      Fax +81 (0) 3 5413 46 18

Tech Trust Japan Co., Ltd.
   Glass City Moto-yoyogi
     30-13 Motoyoyogi-cho,
     151-0062 Tokyo
   Tel. +81 3 54565730
      Fax +81 3 63694465
Felice S.a.r.l
     Antelias al takadoum Str
     Azar Bldg 1st Floor
   Tel. +961 4 414515/16
      Fax +961 4 417499
   Suite 1105, 11th, FL
     Samkoo Bldg. 16-49
     3GA Hankang-RO,Yongsan-KU
     Seoul, KOREA (Post No.140-712)
   Tel. +82 2 705 1332
      Fax +82 2 705 1334

Koil Corporation
   #805 Kukjae Bldg. 39-1
     Pildong 1-Ka
     Joong-gu 100-866 Seoul Korea
   Tel. +82 2 22710030
      Fax +82 2 22710040
Mr. Badi Maani, Domino Trading Company
   Sindbad Tower
     Next to the Mosque
     Mugheira Bin Shoba Street
     Salmiya, Block-12,
   Tel. (965) 66611770/65954655
      Fax (965) 25662327
DK-Trading LLC
   Zvezdniy blvrd, building 3A
     129085 Moscow
   Tel. +7 (495) 232-3828
      Fax +7 (495) 502-9141

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Qi Entertainment LLC
   8501 NW 17th Street,      Suite 103
     Miami/FL. USA     33126
   US Tel. +1 (786) 401-9090
   BR Tel. +55 (19) 3252-2279
Redding Audio, LLC
   101 N. Plains Industrial Road
     Wallingford, CT 06492
   Tel. (+203) - 2 69 18 08
Hernan Suescun – General Manager
  Carrera 49 # 102 A 63
     103B-14 Bogotà,
   Tel. (+57 1) 636 29 00
      Fax (+57 1) 634 86 81
LA Equipment and Satori Media S.A. de C.V.
   Adolfo Prieto 623 int 703
   Col del Valle,03100 Benito Juarez México D.F.
   Tel. +55 54 88 04
      Fax +55 54 53 48

Redding Audio, LLC
   101 N. Plains Industrial Road
     Wallingford, CT 06492
   Tel. (+203) - 2 69 18 08

The Company

Whoever wants to convince professional audio users these days, needs the passion to create something special. This applies especially for a sophisticated professional high-end audio market.

Voice Technologies has committed itself to the classic Swiss values: inventive ideas, precision, top-quality materials and modern fabrication techniques. Our products are built to a standard of offering the best solutions for a wide range of applications.


Unique solutions for multiple applications
Voice Technologies has enjoyed an excellent reputation since its establishment in 1998 in Zürich, Switzerland. The microphone, headset and earphone products we manufacture are widely used all over the world. Not only professional users in broadcasting, theater, Film and Video production – but also police departments and security services. Our lavaliers are commonplace on major productions in the U.S. and other markets including motion picture, popular reality TV, major award shows and primetime talk shows. Furthermore Voice Technologies products have been proven in conference technology. The VT UNO earphone is installed in many conference rooms, for example at the UN in Geneva and UNIDO Wien.

Satisfied costumers around the world
Satisfied costumers, which recommend Voice Technologies products are integral to our success. “The VT910 Earhanger mic has been in use since this summer –and the quality is absolutely top class”, said Jörg Grünsfeld for example, sound designer of the “Nibelungenfestspiele” Worms and the “Zwingerfestspiele” Dresden. Even in very intensive contact dialogues, there isn’t any phasing. Background noise on the microphone, even when musicians are right next to the actor, is a thing of the past.


Customer desire for new innovative products
Unique qualities are the trademark of every Voice Technologies solution. The company is one of a few manufacturers that offer a waterproof lavalier microphone. The VT500WATER is truly unique with its IPX7 certification - the second highest rank in accordance with the International Standard IEC 60529 for water resistance. The VT500WATER has proven its robustness inter alia on catamarans of the famous `America’s Cup World Series AC45 Wingsailed’.
Such functional and equally precise microphones are not only made through years of experience and know how. The highest standards of manufacturing and materials as well as strict quality controls are principle in the Swiss production of Voice Technologies products. The direct connection to our costumers and end users is of central importance; New products or even new developments arise very often in close cooperation with our costumers.

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Press Release VT106HOF

March 2018

"Sweat resistant microphone: Voice Technologies VT106HOF achieves perfect sound in a watertight housing"

Press Release VT500WA and VT506WA white

March 2017

"The reference for resistance: New white models of the waterproof Voice Technologie lavalier microphones VT500WA and VT506WA presented at the Prolight and Sound 2017"

Press Release VT Duplex Cardioid

August 2016

"Voice Technologies presents VT DUPLEX CARDIOID at IBC 2016: Water-protected miniature cardioid headset for stage and broadcast"

Press Release Prolight and Sound 2016

March 2016

"New products presented at the Prolight and Sound 2016: VT506Mobile Smartphone Microphone - VT506Video Microphone for Videocameras - VT DUPLEX-VOCAL Omni Headworn - VT HK Helmet Kit - VT760MKII Omni Headset Combination - VT860MKII Cardioid Headset Combination"

Press Release VT506Mobile

December 2015

"The professional Miniature Microphone for the Generation Smartphone"

Press Release VT DUPLEX

April 2015

"Voice Technologies introduces VT DUPLEX at the Pro Light + Sound 2015 : Headworn microphone with two ear hooks for high motion performances"

Press Release VT DUO

February 2015

"Voice Technologies presents the VT DUO at ISE 2015: Earhanger-Headset developed in cooperation with monitoring expert InEar"

Press Release VT403WA

March 2015

"Voice Technologies VT403WA: Waterproof Lavalier Microphone with ultra-robust cable"

Press Release VT901MKII

"The Swiss company Voice Technologies, specialising in miniature microphones, presents the VT901 MKII – an extremely light earhanger microphone that offers exceptional voice transmission and superb wearing comfort for broadcast and live situations."

Press Release VT500WA VT506WA Water Adventure

March 2014

"Microphones for the toughest daily productions in the world - with the VT500WA and VT506WA Water Adventure, Voice Technologies presents the worlds first ultra- resilient, waterproof lavalier microphone delivering the best voice quality even under the most adverse conditions."

Press Release VT901

"With the VT901 Voice Technologies presents a new earhanger microphone with exceptional voice transmission in a discreet and nearly invisible design."

Press Release VT500WATER

September 2011

"Voice Technologies presents the VT500WATER - a waterproof version of the popular VT500 Omni-directional Lavalier Microphone"

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Schoeps MikroForum


April 5-6, 2018



NAB Las Vegas


April 9-12, 2018

Redding booth C6346

LLB Stockholm


April 24-26, 2018


Intersonic booth B03:20 and B04:20

IBC Amsterdam


September 14-18, 2018


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Voice Technologies

has committed itself to the classic Swiss values:

Inventive ideas, precision, top-quality materials and modern fabrication techniques. Our
products are built to a standard of offering the best solutions for a wide range of applications.