Press Release VT SWITCH

Voice Technologies VT Switch features quick microphone capsule changes for theatre, opera and musical

published June 2019

VTswitch front

For theatre, opera or musical performances, microphones are often painstakingly integrated into the stage outfit. With the new headset microphone VT Switch by Voice Technologies, changing the capsule is still possible when the actress or actor is already in full make-up and costume. Be it for switching the directivity or for rectifying a technical issue, with VT Switch the capsule can be exchanged in no time during the performance.

Flexible and versatile through switchable capsules
Voice Technologies developed the VT Switch headset microphone to allow for a quick response when problems occur on theatre and opera stages. The robust, lightweight headset is connected to the electret condenser capsule through a screw thread mechanism. The capsule can thus be switched quickly and easily – to exchange the supplied omnidirectional mic for the optional cardioid capsule, adjusting the directivity to the situation at hand, for example.

Easy switching even in difficult conditions
To change the capsule of the VT Switch by Voice Technologies, performers do not need to be rewired, the headset, often intricately integrated into the costume, remains in place. Within seconds, the new capsule is perfectly positioned, while make-up and costume remain untouched and do not require mending by make-up artists and costume designers. Switching the microphone’s directivity is possible until the performer enters the stage. Even malfunction or loss of signal due to make-up blocking the mic can be resolved easily and within seconds with the VT Switch.                  

Perfect size for everyone
Voice Technologies is known for the outstanding sound quality of its microphones. For optimum performance, every mic needs to be positioned perfectly. The VT Switch can be modified for every wearer through a special neckband, ensuring best wearing comfort and secure fit. The boom length is variable on customer’s demand. That way, the VT Switch can be optimized for every user.                                                                                     

Maximum reliability through integrated redundancy

As an optional failsafe feature, Voice Technologies integrates an additional, redundant lavalier microphone into the VT Switch. If the microphone were to fail, the lavalier acts as a fallback system, ensuring sound transmission. This kind of safety net can save a live show, from theatre to TV broadcasting.


Press Release VT106HOF

Sweat resistant microphone: Voice Technologies VT106HOF achieves perfect sound in a watertight housing

published March 2018

Microphones for use in theatre performances and musicals need to meet specific demands. They have to be as unobtrusive as possible when integrated into costumes, they need to be durable and still have to transmit voices with the best possible quality. Swiss miniature microphone specialist Voice Technologies developed the VT106HOF in cooperation with Hof theatre, addressing all these requirements.
The original impulse for the development of the VT106HOF by Voice Technologies came from Christoph Haas, sound engineer at Hof theatre. The engineer kept experiencing problems with the microphones used as they could not withstand the performers’ sweat and would fail. “Some performers would wear out up to four capsules during a show,” Haas explains and points to the tremendous financial cost caused by the situation, not to mention the embarrassment of the sound failing during a show. Even a second microphone, when integrated into the costume before the show as back-up, would not solve the problem. “It happened a number of times,” Haas shares his experience, “that I wanted to use the back-up but it had already been rendered useless by the sweat.”

Looking for a solution, Haas came across the watertight lavalier microphones from Voice Technologies and immediately reached out. The result of this cooperation is the VT106HOF: A watertight miniature microphone with cardioid directivity for ideal feedback suppression and a pronounced proximity effect. Sweat induced malfunctions are a thing of the past at Hof theatre now. Due to the possibility to configure the VT106HOF with LEMO or Sony connectors, optimal connectivity with existing gear is ensured.

By employing a cardioid polar pattern, the Voice Technologies VT106HOF perfectly focusses the pick-up area on the performer, suppressing noise, feedback and crosstalk from other performers on stage. The electret condenser microphone captures every nuance of the significant frequency range for speech and slightly pronounces the vocal presence to ensure maximum intelligibility. Christoph Haas praises the microphone’s modern, present sound and its “wonderful” proximity effect. The low self noise of only 26 dB(A) ensures the uncompromised transmission of even the quietest sections of a performance. Through these qualities, the VT106HOF is capable of capturing the whole scope of a performer’s acting in pristine sound quality.

The exceptional resistance of the VT106HOF is largely due to the elaborate injection moulding process used in its manufacturing. The unique protection against the intrusion of water is not the only benefit of the design. The VT106HOF is manufactured to the highest standards and thus achieves a particularly long lifespan, rendering frequent renewing of equipment unnecessary.

With applications in theatre performances and musicals in particular in mind, Voice Technologies developed a special rubber mount for the VT106HOF. The “Rubber Face Mound” RFM is attached directly to the performer’s face, holding the microphone in perfect position … a perfect mix of unobtrusive mounting and optimal sound performance.

Press Release VT500WA and VT506WA in white

The reference for resistance: New white models of the waterproof Voice Technologies lavalier microphones VT500WA and VT506WA

published April 2017

Voice Technologies introduce white variations of their VT500WA and VT506WA lavalier microphones at the Prolight + Sound 2017 convention from April 4th to April 7th in Frankfurt, Germany. The microphones defy even the most challenging conditions: They convey speech in pristine sound quality while built into a particularly sturdy shell, equipped with a sweat-, cut- and tear-resistant cables – and are water-resistant to boot! Even temporary submersion does not harm the IPX7 certified microphones in the least. Users can rely on the VT500WA and VT506WA to deliver the best possible performance in all circumstances. For situations when a black microphone would stand out too much, Voice Technologies now offers both Water Adventure microphones with a discreet white finish.

With regards to clip-on microphones, expectations are diverse. Apart from impeccable sound transmission, visual factors play a major role for TV productions in particular. Consequently, Swiss microphone specialist Voice Technologies presents its Water Adventure microphones VT500WA and VT506WA at Prolight + Sound 2017 with a white finish for use with bright clothing. The microphones’ qualities remain unchanged: The superb sounding capsule is protected by a solid shell, the cable is extraordinarily robust and even water cannot harm the microphones.

The new white versions of the Voice Technologies lavalier clip-on microphones VT500WA and VT506WA can be attached to bright clothing without attracting attention. The choice between black and white variations of the microphones offers the possibility to react on the spot to the requirements of a specific production. On white shirts or blouses, the white VT500WA and VT506WA are almost entirely invisible.

Apart from sound and visuals, reliability is key when choosing microphones for broadcasting purposes. Voice Technologies VT500WA and VT506WA meet this demand even in wet conditions, as guaranteed by the IPX7 certificate. Shows at the waterside, in wet weather or even just during cooking shows, the microphones continue to operate reliable even during temporary submersion. A sudden downpour or careless handling of the water tap pose no harm to audio transmission.

Just like the capsule is protected against shock and water, the cable is resistant against sweat, cuts and tearing. The sturdy cable guarantees reliable connection even when treated roughly and considerably decreases cost and effort for maintenance and repairs during prolonged use.


Voice Technologies presents VT DUPLEX CARDIOID: Water-protected miniature cardioid headset for stage and broadcast

published August 2016

Creating unique miniature microphones with Swiss precision: Voice Technologies is known for innovative microphone solutions that were developed in cooperation with highly skilled professionals for practical applications. The company unveils its first miniature headset with a cardioid polar pattern, the VT DUPLEX CARDIOID, at the IBC 2016. The renowned open character and the high sensitivity offer a great alternative to the already available models featuring an omnidirectional polar pattern. In addition, the sophisticated manufacturing process results in a water-resistant design, allowing the headset to be used for productions in challenging environments. The VT DUPLEX CARDIOID continues the tradition of the acclaimed VT DUPLEX and delivers unrivalled wearing comfort. Durable components ensure many years of reliable operation on stage and for broadcast applications.

Voice Technologies always had a close connection to professionals all around the globe. Having their finger on the pulse of the market, Voice Technologies develops unique solutions for practical applications. The demand for a miniature headset featuring a cardioid polar pattern was first brought to the attention of the Swiss company a few years ago – and the requests kept coming in. But the manufacturing of the product was preceded by intense research and development: Creating a cardioid miniature microphone with stable polar pattern requires rigorous testing – especially when the product has to meet the strict quality standards of Voice Technologies.

For the production, Voice Technologies uses the same sophisticated injection-moulding process that is employed for their other miniature microphones. This results in a durable product that the user can enjoy for many years. It also offers unique protection against water. This means the VT DUPLEX CARDIOID can be used even in challenging environments.

The VT DUPLEX CARDIOID features a microphone capsule with cardioid polar pattern. It creates the open and clear cardioid sound image that is highly valued around the globe. Whether it is on stage or for broadcast applications – the VT DUPLEX CARDIOID shines in all kinds of situations. But professional users appreciate more than just the famed sound: The high sensitivity, capturing every nuance, is also a big factor when choosing this microphone. For the best performance in every application, a windscreen reduces plosives and other unwanted interferences. In addition, a custom-made spacer prevents noise through contact.

The ergonomic headband design ensures a perfect fit for heads of any shape. By choosing the right size, either S/M or L/XL, the VT DUPLEX CARDIOID can be matched to every user. The result is a secure fit and maximum wearing comfort. Depending on the individual requirements, the microphone can be worn either on the left or the right side. An interchangeable cable with threaded joint offers great durability and flexibility, especially for the use with different wireless transmitters.