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Press Release VT106HOF

March 2018

"Sweat resistant microphone: Voice Technologies VT106HOF achieves perfect sound in a watertight housing"

Press Release VT500WA and VT506WA white

March 2017

"The reference for resistance: New white models of the waterproof Voice Technologie lavalier microphones VT500WA and VT506WA presented at the Prolight and Sound 2017"

Press Release VT Duplex Cardioid

August 2016

"Voice Technologies presents VT DUPLEX CARDIOID at IBC 2016: Water-protected miniature cardioid headset for stage and broadcast"

Press Release Prolight and Sound 2016

March 2016

"New products presented at the Prolight and Sound 2016: VT506Mobile Smartphone Microphone - VT506Video Microphone for Videocameras - VT DUPLEX-VOCAL Omni Headworn - VT HK Helmet Kit - VT760MKII Omni Headset Combination - VT860MKII Cardioid Headset Combination"

Press Release VT506Mobile

December 2015

"The professional Miniature Microphone for the Generation Smartphone"

Press Release VT DUPLEX

April 2015

"Voice Technologies introduces VT DUPLEX at the Pro Light + Sound 2015 : Headworn microphone with two ear hooks for high motion performances"

Press Release VT DUO

February 2015

"Voice Technologies presents the VT DUO at ISE 2015: Earhanger-Headset developed in cooperation with monitoring expert InEar"

Press Release VT403WA

March 2015

"Voice Technologies VT403WA: Waterproof Lavalier Microphone with ultra-robust cable"

Press Release VT901MKII

"The Swiss company Voice Technologies, specialising in miniature microphones, presents the VT901 MKII – an extremely light earhanger microphone that offers exceptional voice transmission and superb wearing comfort for broadcast and live situations."

Press Release VT500WA VT506WA Water Adventure

March 2014

"Microphones for the toughest daily productions in the world - with the VT500WA and VT506WA Water Adventure, Voice Technologies presents the worlds first ultra- resilient, waterproof lavalier microphone delivering the best voice quality even under the most adverse conditions."

Press Release VT901

"With the VT901 Voice Technologies presents a new earhanger microphone with exceptional voice transmission in a discreet and nearly invisible design."

Press Release VT500WATER

September 2011

"Voice Technologies presents the VT500WATER - a waterproof version of the popular VT500 Omni-directional Lavalier Microphone"