The VT1126 Phantom adapter of Voice Technologies is a small tool that allows hardwired use of lavalier microphones.


It converts Phantom 48V to electret power and outputs the audio as an electronically balanced signal.

Range of models with standard sockets to fit the plugs:

  • VT1126-TA3/A for TA3 (AKG)
  • VT1126-TA4/S for TA4 (Shure)
  • VT1126-TA5/L for TA5 (Lectrosonics)
  • VT1126-AL6P for Audio Limited 6Pin
  • VT1126-M6P for Micron Explorer with 6Pin
  • VT1126-M8P for Micron 8Pin System
  • VT1126-SK5 for Sennheiser SK50/3000/5000
  • VT1126-S1P for Sennheiser 1 Pin
  • VT1126-S3.5 for Sennheiser Evolution G2 System


  • Power Supply:Phantom Power 48V
  • Color:silver
  • DimensionsLength 54mm (2.1") Ø 20mm
  • Weight:55 g (1.94 oz)



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