The VT403WA is a professional waterproof RF protected lavalier microphone suited perfectly for musicals, vocals, theatre, movies and broadcasts.


The VT403WA is a newly developed version of the successful stage microphone VT403. We used our expertise in creating miniature microphones to answer numerous requests for a compact microphone that offers excellent voice recording even at high sound pressure levels and at the same time extremely resilient and waterproof. Based on the VT403, the VT403WA was developed for the stage as well as for film and broadcast productions. It is perfectly suited for recording speech and vocals, offering an open and clear sound. The sub-miniature microphone capsule features an omni-directional polar pattern and can be used at any volume: It offers very low inherent noise and minimal distortion even at high sound pressure levels.

On stage, during presentations and on the sets of broadcast productions, a discreet appearance is as essential as excellent sound. The VT403WA is extremely compact and can be worn nearly invisible. The microphone is delivered with different clips (AC4 Alligator Clip, DM4 Dracula Clip and MMC4 Miniature Magnetic Clip) for unobtrusive attachment that does not impede the wearer’s movements. When used in combination with a wireless body pack transmitter, this guarantees full mobility on stage. Also included is the new Wsi Miniature Windscreen, reliably eliminating wind noise while being nearly invisible.

The new “Water Adventure” version of the VT403WA was created with emphasis on demanding circumstances on stage and during productions. The robust, waterproof casing can even withstand being submerged for short periods, making it the right choice when working close to water, for example during sporting events. It is also perfectly suited for open-air operations in any weather. In addition, the resilient cable is reinforced against sweat, cuts and tearing, guaranteeing a reliable connection.

Available colors:



  • Generating Element:Electret Condenser
  • Polar pattern:Omni-Directional
  • Frequency Range:100Hz - 20kHz
  • Sensitivity:-48dB ±3dB 1V/microbar (4mV/Pa)
  • Noise level:+33dB “A” Weighted
  • Max. Input SPL:136dB
  • Impedance:2 kOhm
  • Bias/+VDC:3V (1.5 to 9V max.)
  • Colors:beige
  • Microphone Dimensions:Ø 8.6x3.1mm (0.34x0.12“)
  • Cable:Length 1.5m (59")/beige 1.8m (71“) Ø 1.5mm
  • Weight:6g (0.21oz)

Wiring Configuration (3-wire):

  • Red+VDC
  • CopperNF
  • GreenGround

    beige (old cable):

  • Black+VDC
  • WhiteNF
  • SilverGround




AC4 Alligator Clip The holder has a 30 degree angle for better presence. Thanks to the 30 degrees the holder points slightly forward instead of up.
Colors: black or beige
DM4 Dracula Clip The holder has a 30 degree angle for better presence. Thanks to the 30 degrees the holder points slightly forward instead of up.
Colors: black or beige
MMC4 Miniature
Magnetic Clip
Can be fixed either on the clothes or worn around the neck with the included nylon yarn.
Colors: black or beige
 RBM2 Rubber Body Mount Perfect tool to mount the lavalier mic absolutely invsible. Put the mic into the hole at the side until the top is in the middle of the front hole.
Miniature Windscreen
A nearly invisible windscreen. Prevents from distortion air while speaking.
VTO Box Robust waterproof Box.



  • VT403WA-1
  • VT403WA-2
  • vt403-rbm1
  • vt403-rbm2
  • vt403wa-4
  • vt403wa-5
  • vt403wa-6



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VT403WA Waterproof Vocal Lavalier Microphone

Almost invisible
Resistant cable