VT500WATER Waterproof Lavalier Microphone


No recording gets washed away.


The sound basis for the VT500WATER is the popular VT500 that is widely acclaimed to be among the best sounding professional Omni lavalier microphones available.  A complete illustration of the frequency response is provided and boasts a frequency range of 40 Hz to 20 kHz with low self-noise.  The voice reproduction reaches a faithful and present speech frequency due to a slight accentuation. The extremely smooth sound of the VT500 is well maintained while successfully achieving an IPX-7 protection rating against the harmful ingress of water.  The IPX-7 Certification is the second highest rank of the official IP Code rating system in accordance with the International Standard IEC 60529 for water resistance.  It even allows for temporary submergence of the microphone without compromise, enabling very flexible applications in the broadcast, film and performance areas. The superb water resistance of the VT500WATER is accomplished due to a distinct molding injection treatment.

In addition the microphone is rugged and shockproof and RF protected. Voice Technologies counts also on an especially flexible cable, which has excellent isolation from handling noise.


► Colors: Punkt beige Rand Kopie (other colors on request)

► Generating Element: Omni

► flexible cable

► IPX-7 certificated = 1 m under water for 30 minutes

► waterproof

Application area: Broadcast- and live area - Sports events

The VT500WATER comes in the waterproof VTO box with the following accessories:

accessories ac 2

Alligator Clip
fixation at the microphone head for a better connection

accessories dm 2

Dracula Clip
fixation at the microphone head for a better connection

accessories pw 2

Professional Windscreen
perfect for light wind, for example from speech

accessories tt 2

Tie Tac Clip
fixation at the microphone head for a better connection

accessories rbm2 2

RBM2 Rubber Body Mount
Perfect tool to mount the lavalier mic absolutely invisible.

accessories vto box2


accessories cc2

Cage Clip

Magnetic Cage Clip

accessories dac2

Dual Alligator Clip

Magnetic Clip With Cord


  • Generating Element:Electret Condenser
  • Polar pattern:Omni-Directional
  • Frequency Range:40Hz - 20kHz
  • Sensitivity:-59dB ±3dB re 1V/microbar (1.1mV/Pa)
  • Noise level:26dB “A” weighted
  • Max. Input SPL:118dB
  • Impedance:3 kOhm
  • Bias/+VDC:1.3V (0.9-20V)
  • Colors:black, beige (other colors on request)
  • Current drain:25 μA
  • Microphone Dimensions:13 x 7 x 3,5mm
  • Cable:Length 1.5m (59"), beige 1.8m (71") Ø 1.5mm
  • Weight:7g (0.25oz)

Wiring configuration (3-wire):

  • Red+VDC
  • GreenGround
  • CopperNF






Data Sheet




   Offshore sailing with VT500Water

OFFSHORE_Moodfilm_V4 from Sascha Quade on Vimeo.

Ken Travis/Sound Designer of Disney's Aladdin and Newsles:
      "I was the sound designer Karen Katz was mixing for when we used your VT500WATER Microphones. Our entire sound team was impressed by the durability and sound quality of the microphone. The actor who wore the microphone sounded the same on your product as he did on his main microphone which cost about $200 more. The only reason he didn't wear the VT500 for the entire show was the size of the element made it difficult to hide two of them in his hair. However, I do not know another microhone that would have held up to a down pour of water while an actor sang. Very impressive. We are considering trying them on future productions of Disney's Aladdin for actors who sweat out other microphones."

    "That mic got us (Ken Travis designing, me mixing) through a new musical where the Act1 finale would have come to a dead halt if the mic went out. Thank you so much for a great product."