VT60M Miniature Earphone

Excellent sound, almost invisible.


The Voice Technologies VT60M is a very small and extremeley lightweight earphone that's totally unobtrusive!

It delivers quality sound as well as isolation from outside noise and is the ideal solution for stage presentations, theatre and broadcast studio operations. The built-in receiver is connected with a thin cable that can be difficult to see in most applications. The VT60M comes in the stable, waterproof VTO Box with a clip and an additional earpiece.

► Colors:

► almost invisible

► easy to use

► flexible cable

Application area:  Broadcast & Live - Stage - Theatre

The VT60M comes with the following accessories:

accessories vt60m accord

Ear Accordion Short

accessories ac400 2

AC400 Clip

accessories vt600 box2

VTO EP Box waterproof


  • Element:Ultra Subminiature Magnetic Receiver
  • Frequency Range:200Hz - 8kHz
  • Sensitivity:104+/-3dB
  • Impedance:500 Ohm
  • Colors:beige
  • Cable:Length 1.5m (59") Ø 1mm
  • Weight:5g (0.18oz)


Wiring Configuration:
  • Dimensions:9.5x4.5x5.7mm (0.37x0.18x0.22)
  • Plug:3.5mm Right Angle Phone
    • 2-wire non polarized





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