VT800 Lightweight Headworn Cardioid

Voice is present and focused.


The Voice Technologies VT800 is a lightweight Cardioid headworn microphone for applications where there is an abundance of ambient sound. Much consideration has been put into the physical design of the VT800: the adjustable, gooseneck style mic boom enables the talent to stay close to monitor speakers and to produce a clear, intelligible voice over the noise.
The cable runs neatly to the back of the neck for best concealment. The headband is highly resistant to corrosion and is easy to clean.

The VT800 comes with the following accessories:

► Colors: Punkt beige Rand Kopie Punkt schwarz Kopie

► Generating Element: Cardioid

► robust

► easy to use

► adjustable size

Application area: Presentations - Speaker - Moderator - Vocals

The VT800 comes with the following accessories:


accessoires vt800 ws


vt case4 2

VT Case4


  • Generating Element:Electret Microphone
  • Polar pattern:Cardioid
  • Frequency Range:100Hz- 10 kHz
  • Sensitivity:-53dB ±3dB 1V/microbar (2.2mV/Pa)
  • Noise level:32dB “A” weighted
  • Max. Input SPL:120dB based on 9V supply
  • Impedance:2.8 to 6.8 kOhms, nominal 4.4 kOhms
  • Dynamic Range:88 dB
  • Signal Noise Ratio:62dB @94dB SPL
  • Bias/+VDC:1.5V to 9V
  • Cable:Length 1.5m (59") Ø 2mm
  • Weight:18g (0.63oz) (without cable/connector)
  • Colors:black and beige

Wiring Configuration (3-wire):

  • Red+VDC
  • Blue (Transparent)NF
  • CopperGround





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Thomas Eklund/Lagom & Gott Ljud AB:
"We are very careful in choosing the ring products for our customers. The VT800 is perfect when there is need for a mike that is easy to take on and off by inexperienced users. We have about 50 in rental stock. Mainly for use as speaker microphones for meetings and conferences."

Jocke Ekstrand/AV-Huset:
"The VT800 is a good microphone for rental purposes with good sound quality for the price and it fits most heads."

Kristian Kavale/AV1 AB:  
"The VT800 is well-sounding cardioid mike. Perhaps not the most discrete but robust. We use it mostly for conferences and other corporate events."

Wolfgang Springer/AFINION:
"Das VT800 ist ultraleicht und bietet einen sehr hohen Tragekomfort mit absoluter Bewegungsfreiheit. Dank der optimalen Verständlichkeit der Stimme ohne Störgeräusche ist das VT800 ideal zur Steuerung von Maschinen per Sprachbefehl."