The VT901MKII is a new extremely light earhanger microphone that offers exceptional voice transmission and superb wearing comfort.The VT901MKII boasts a specialized super-miniature omni capsule producing very natural speech and vocals.


The successor of the VT901 has been developed based on customer feedback – the cable now runds directly along the head of the user. This makes it even more discreet when being used on stage, during broadcast productions and for presentations, without affecting the ergonomic design. The soft “spiral ear fastener” gives any user the perfect fit every time without the fear of it slipping off.
The VT901MKII can be worn either on the left or the right ear. The high wearing comfort is achieved through the low weight as well as through its very flexible material; thus the microphone is comfortable even after many hours. The cable is removable and can be easily exchanged to swap connectivity between different wireless systems. This must-have design feature for rental houses also benefits individual users who have backup wireless systems by different brands. The spiral ear-wrap section can be exchanged as well.

Available colors:


  • Generating Element:Electret Microphone
  • Polar pattern:Omni-Directional
  • Frequency Range:20 - 20.000 Hz
  • Sensitivity:-35dB ±3dB 1V/microbar (17.8mV/Pa)
  • Noise level:25 dB “A” weighted
  • Max. Input SPL:125 dB
  • Impedance:2 kOhm
  • Bias/+VDC:0.8 - 5 V
  • Cable:Length 1.2 m (47") Ø 1.3 mm
  • Weight:5g (0.18oz)
  • Color:beige

Wiring Configuration (2-wire):

  • Red+ VDC
  • CopperGround


WS701/901 Windscreen
Wsi701/901 Miniature Windscreen
Alligator Clip
VT701/901/910 Box



  • vt901-1
  • vt901-3
  • vt901-5



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David Powles/Specialist Audio:


    "During my work as a sound engineer, consultant and sound engineering coach for live sound, I work with experienced, as well as in-experienced public speakers at many events, conferences and churches. As many speakers have no idea how a sound system works, lightweight ear-hanger, omni-directional microphones can by very difficult to handle, as the speaker forgets they are wearing them, often moving into acoustically sensitive positions. Microphones that are not easy to handle (and there's plenty of them) do not last long in my microphone selection. However, I always keep the Voice Technologies VT901, along with some microphones double the price, in my mike case, as an excellent sounding and reliable implement. Also, many speakers have commented on how comfortable they are to wear."
Broadcast & Live


VT901MKII Earhanger Microphone

Detachable cable
Almost invisible
Easy to use
Adjustable size