VT600D Earphone offers maximum hygiene and great flexibility
with an exchangeable ear tube


Discreet, easy to use and hygienic.


The discreet design of the VT600D draws no attention, making the earphone ideal for live TV. The sound tube just clicks to the driver, enabling easy change of the whole spiral tube including the earpiece – preserving hygiene even when multiple people work with the same receiver. The users merely connect their spiral tubes to the receiver and are ready to go.

 With its flexible cable and the soft, elastic silicone earpiece, the VT600D is comfortable to wear. Its shape does not block the ear canal. For a perfect fit, four sizes are available for both left and right ear (S, M, L, XL).

The VT600D employs a standard 3.5 mm jack connector, making it compatible with virtually every wireless or wired monitoring receiver. It comes with a sturdy, water resistant VT box with an attachment clip and an additional earpiece.


► Colors:

► detachable tube

► easy to use and hygienic

Application area:  Stage - Theatre - Broadcast

The VT600D comes with the following accessories:

accessories vt600 ep2

Ear Insert
(size S, M, L or XL)

accessories ac400 2

Clip beige

accessories vt600 accord

Ear Accordion



  • Element:Subminature Magnetic Receiver
  • Frequency Range:200Hz - 8kHz
  • Sensitivity:104+/-3dB
  • Impedance:500 Ohm
  • Distortion5% max.
  • Colors:beige
  • Cable:Length 1.5m (59") Ø 1.5mm
  • Connector3.5mm Stereo Connector
  • Weight:14g (0.35oz)


Wiring Configuration:
    • 2-wire non polarized








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